The Best Diet I’ve Tried: A Dukan Diet Review

Starting The Dukan Diet Is Now Easier Than Ever – Get The ‘Cliff Notes’

After great success with this program, I felt compelled to create a Dukan diet review. I’ve been struggling with weight for years and after an endless run of yo-yo dieting I’ve finally found a way to get the weight off and keep it off. I’m so happy I found out about the Dukan Diet. I’ve never been able to lose weight so comfortably and I’ve been able to keep it off for over a year!

The Dukan diet plan was developed about ten years ago by Dr. Pierre Dukan and I heard it exploded in popularity over the year, topped the bestseller list. It’s been keeping countless French girls thin. My girlfriend Theresa was in Bordeaux a couple summers ago and she found a book on it. The woman in the bookstore told her they had trouble keeping the book stocked on the shelves and it was the most successful diet in France!

It seems those French girls have been trying to hoard their secret! Theresa had never heard of it before and neither had I. She lost 15 pounds in the first few weeks and was astonished. After I heard about this I had to give it a try.

In the book, I read about how a lot of diet plans are effective in helping people get thin. But here’s the thing, over 90% of these people gain the weight back though!

Dukan Diet Review

Those plans and the doctors who advocate them pat you on the back for losing weight and that’s it, there’s no after-care. That was my problem. I did pretty well on the Abs diet and I lost some weight on the South Beach diet but I could never keep it off.

The Dukan diet doesn’t just abandon dieters after they’ve gotten thin. I was really impressed with the comprehensive plan this diet had to help me stay thin for so long. Now you would say I’m living a “Dukan life!”

The Dukan diet has four successive phases. It is a protein-rich diet so I could eat a lot of my favorite foods and still lose weight. In the first phase, you can eat meat, poultry, fish, seafood, and dairy.

Dr. Dukan studied weight for 35 years and one of the most common things he saw was how filling protein-rich foods are. The diet works so well because you don’t have to be restrictive and starve, yet the protein-rich foods fill you up so much that you tend to eat less.

The first phase was great because I could eat steak and cheese and ham and some of the foods I love the most. The hardest thing about this phase was letting go of sugar. The Dukan diet is a really low sugar diet so I found myself craving chocolate a lot but after I saw how much weight I was losing it was easy to forget about those cravings!

I lost 10 pounds in the first 2 weeks.

The last three phases of the diet slowly reintroduced me to healthy eating. It was a seamless transition and Dr. Dukan’s methods come from years of research so he has found the best and most comfortable ways to lose weight!

This is the best diet I’ve ever tried and it’s worked better than any before it. Well, that’s my Dukan diet review. I’m at the thinnest I’ve been in 15 years and I’m loving it! Check it out for yourself…

And If You Are Afraid Of Failure, Here’s My Dukan Diet Review:

Seriously, try out the online support.  If you haven’t heard of it, you can check it out here (Use coupon code NY25 to get 25% off!)  It’s not a requirement to be successful with the Dukan plan, but it does make losing weight virtually fool proof.  Someone is always there to answer your questions and offer support, but without the need for ‘weigh ins’ or weekly meetings.  Just a thought…

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