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The Dukan Diet online coaching is an excellent, fool proof way to reach your weight loss goals.   With the online membership you will receive your own online virtual apartment, the famous Dukan diet daily mail as well as an abundance of Dukan diet recipes, meal plans, and tips.

Is The Dukan Diet Membership worth the cost?

First, lets briefly discuss what the Dukan diet plan consists of.  The Dukan Diet is a well known diet program originating in France.  It was developed and created by a French nutritionist, dietician and medical doctor, Dr. Pierre Dukan, from whom the diet name was taken. Although it was just introduced rather recently in the United Kingdom and then in the United State, this diet plan was already widely used in France since it was first introduced more that a decade ago in 2000. Dr. Dukan believes that the key to weight loss is protein so this is where he primarily based his diet strategy.  However, this is not just another rehashed version of the Atkins or  No-Carb diets.

The Dukan diet is a four stage program consisting of the  Attack stage, the Cruise stage, the Consolidation stage, and the Stabilization stage. Each of these steps has their own goals and prescribes the types of foods to be eaten by the dieter. Carbohydrates, except for oat bran is removed from the diet during the first stage and then gradually introduced back in the later stages. What makes this diet plan distinct is the fact that you can eat as much as you want as long as the food is among what the diet recommends during each of the stages. This plan is not just designed to allow you to lose weight but is a strategy to maintain the weight loss for a lifetime.

In all kinds of diet programs, constant monitoring is needed to ensure proper guidance and adherence to the rules and recommendations. This will in turn make your efforts worth while as well as make sure that the achievements you’ve attained are not lost in vain. This is where the Dukan diet online coaching comes in.  This service will get you the Dukan diet daily mail with detailed personalized instructions along with recipes and daily menus that you can follow based on your progression and results.

In addition, you will also have access to an extensive knowledge base, a dedicated customer support team at your finger tips, a daily email on exercises and motivation tips, the Dukan forum (a community of other folks just like you to discuss your successes, failures, etc with),  and most important a possible chat with the developer and creator of the diet himself— Dr. Dukan.

What can you expect from Dukan Diet Online Coaching?

Dukan Diet Motivation

Since this will be a complete personalized service, a prospective Dukan diet follower will start by answering 11 questions to calculate one’s True Weight, a realistic number that can be attained and maintained for the rest of your life after finishing with the four stages of the plan. This initial assessment will be free of charge and will give you answers to questions such as what your target weight should be, and how long it will take to reach and maintain this weight.  This is different for each and every individual.  Once you sign up, you will then be asked 80 very detailed questions so that the Dukan Coaching can be tailored to your specific situation.  These questions will define your ‘weight personality,’ weak dieting points to be corrected, as well as strengths to be reinforced.

A unique, interactive daily email ensures proper diet monitoring. Every morning the dieter will receive a Dukan diet menu plan and exercise regimen for the day as well as personal advice and support from Dr. Dukan to keep you motivated. Then every evening you will be asked to report back on how the day went and evaluate your progress based on criteria such as weight and measurements, food slip-ups, etc. The next morning’s instructions will be based on this evaluation.  As you can see, this is truly a personalized service.

Dr. Dukan believes that most diet plans fail due to the absence of weight stabilization. That is why it is crucial to have a plan that will keep a dieter in the ideal physical condition he or she has achieved.


There is so much buzz and excitement these days about the  no-carb Dukan diet and much of it centers on the celebrities that follow this weight loss program. Celebrities such as the newly wed Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez are said to follow this diet regimen to maintain their awe inspiring physical shapes. Beyond the hype though, what really is a Dukan Diet? Does it really work? These questions are valid concerns since weight loss is a serious issue for many and for that they need an effective and efficient solution.

The Dukan Diet
is not actually a new diet program since it was first introduced in France more that a decade ago in 2000. It was developed and created by a French medical doctor, nutritionist and dietician, Pierre Dukan, from whom the diet’s name was also taken.

No Carb Dukan Diet

No Carb Dukan DietActually, to be more precise about this program, the ‘no-carb’ Dukan diet isn’t really a no carbohydrate diet at all. What the Dukan diet really promotes is a high protein, low carbohydrate diet that is carefully implemented in four phases: the Attack stage, Cruise stage, the Consolidation stage, and the Stabilization stage. This diet program distinguishes itself by not only providing a plan to loss weight but a clear strategy to maintain the weight after it is lost.

Basically a no-carbohydrate, or no-carb diet is a plan that avoids the consumption of all carbohydrates. Since carbohydrates supply energy, this strategy will replace it with fat as the main source of energy together with sufficient protein. It uses mainly animal source foods and requires a high saturated fat intake. Examples of food that one can eat when following a high protein, no carb diet plan are white and red meat, fish, boiled eggs, cheese and non hydrogenated animal fats.  The aim of a no-carbohydrate diet is to cause the body to go into a state of ketosis, which is a process where the dietary fat and body fat are converted into fuel for the entire body and the brain.

The Four Phases Of Dukan Diet

Under this particular program, the no carb Dukan diet strategy is only employed in the first stage, the Attack stage. In this initial phase of the program, you will be on a high protein diet except for a small amount of oat bran. This protein rich diet should also be low in fat. During this stage a person is allowed to eat as much as he wants of seventy-two high-protein foods. Examples are lean beef, veal, chicken, turkey, lean ham, fish, seafood, eggs, fat-free natural and flavored cottage cheese, and skimmed milk. Plenty of water intake is also required. However you are only in this stage of the diet for 2-7 days, depending on your ‘ideal weight’.

In the second stage, known as the Cruise stage, the high protein intake is maintained while several select vegetables are added to the diet. The strategy in this phase is to allow a person to gradually reach his or her ‘True Weight.’ Vegetables that are added include tomatoes, cucumber, radish, spinach, asparagus, leeks, green beans, and carrots. However potatoes, peas, sweet corn and fruits that are rich in carbohydrates are still not allowed.

In the third phase, known as the Consolidation stage, the reintroduction of carbohydrates is now implemented in small amounts. Once a week, the dieter will also be permitted to eat a meal with a starter, main course, and a dessert of his or her own choice, known as the Celebration meal. Additional vegetable and fruits such as apple, melon, and berries are included in the diet. Rice, preferably brown rice, potatoes, whole meal bread, lean lamb and pork are now allowed but on a strictly determined amount only.

The last and final stage is known as the Stabilization phase.  The main goal here is to maintain your weight loss. In this stage you are now allowed to eat anything you like however you have to abide to some rules: eat 3 tablespoons of oat bran per day, take the stairs as often as you can, walk 20 minutes a day and have a pure protein day once a week.

In the last phases you will realized that this diet regimen will cease to become a no-carb diet as everything is now allowed. But one has to follow some clear and definite rules in order that what he or she worked for will not be in vain.

Dukan Diet Coaching

Many have attested, including experts in the planned diet industry, as to the effectiveness of the Dukan diet. However it would be always best to consult with a professional when you are opting to go on a particular diet plan.   That’s where the Dukan diet Coaching membership program comes in.

The membership calculates your ‘true weight’ or the weight that you should be.  Don’t be surprised if this is a tad bit heavier than you would expect.  Then, the experts hold your hand through, not just each phase, but every day of the process, through their online interface.  Think of this as Dukan’s version of Weight Watchers Online.

However, if you have the drive to complete the diet yourself, the Dukan Diet book is available online.


The Dukan Diet Recipes Can Be Found Here

When you are seriously ready to loose weight, choose a program backed by proven, scientific research. The Dukan diet is among the most recognized diet method talked about today. It promotes a healthy eating plan based on proteins and vegetables. With numerous diet programs available these days, what exactly sets the Dukan diet apart? For one, it’s 4 step program is designed to not just  help a person shed off the weight but it also makes sure that a person can maintain the weight loss.

Dukan Diet RecipesThe best way to start the diet is through their online coaching membership.  Members are guided by the hand through the stages of the plan from the very beginning.  Support, advice, as well as the Dukan diet recipes (which can be hard to find) are provided.  The site will give you daily meal plans if you like and the online support is constantly in contact with you to make sure that you are getting the most out of the program.

Dukan Diet Recipes

If you are looking for recipes with no luck, the Dukan Diet Recipe Book can help you by offering over 350 recipes that conform to the four stages. This book is a perfect companion to the Dukan Diet book because it gives you a lot of variety in your meals, breaking the monotony of eating the same things over and over. Being bored with your food options can definitely kill your diet.  The various light desserts found in the book can truly motivate you to stay true to your diet plan.  The chicken recipes are fantastic, and the best part is that all the recipes are super easy to prepare.

Experts agree that the Dukan Diet can certainly help in getting rid of those excess pounds since it inadvertantly causes you to cuts calories significantly. Some folks are concerned, however,  that this eating plan does not include all the nutrients a person needs in order to attain and maintain a healthy body. The debate will always be there of whether this diet program is indeed for you. The prudent step is to consult with a trusted dietician who will constantly monitor your progress.  The online Dukan Diet membership provides just that.  This removes any worry that you may have, and you can feel sure that your loosing weight safely.

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