The Dukan Diet was devised by a French medical doctor, Dr. Pierre Dukan, to be a permanent weight loss solution. This is an innovative 4-step program that will attack that unwanted weight and help to keep it off. The Dukan Diet book and the Dukan Diet menu book can be purchased  online here.

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The first plan of attack is to eat as much protein rich foods as you can for 2 to 7 days. You can eat as much fish and eggs, as well as most meats as you would like. Some dairy products can be eaten as well, such as non-fat yogurt, skimmed milk and cottage cheese. Remember to drink plenty of water every day.

During step 2, you will be adding 28 vegetables to the protein rich foods. By eating protein foods one day and adding vegetables to the menu every other day, a dieter should lose 2 pounds every week. You will need to stay on this phase of the Dukan Diet until your desired weight has been met.

Adding fruits, breads, starchy foods and cheese along with 2 celebration meals is step 3. You will want to stay on this phase by multiplying 5 days for every 1 pound that you have lost. In other words, for every 5 pounds that you loose, stay on this phase 3 for 25 days.

Finally, you will be able to eat without gaining weight back by following 3 rules. Choose one day a week that you only eat protein rich foods. Be sure to walk for at least 20 minutes a day, and eat 3 tablespoons of oat bran every day. When all is said and done, you need to remember to take the stairs instead of an elevator for that added exercise.

Dukan Diet Menu Ideas and Recipes

dukan diet menuFollowing some of the Dukan Diet menu ideas will help you to be able to maintain your goal and spice up a meal for your enjoyment. Make yourself a protein shake by blending orange juice, low fat yogurt, skim milk, whey protein powder along with any fruit except bananas, grapes or cherries, or any nuts. Dress up a salmon fillet with Dijon mustard and add some of your favorite spices.

Crispy, Crunchy Chips

When you have the urge to munch on chips, try meat crisps. Take deli slices of chicken breast, ham, or turkey and grill them in your oven at 200° for 7 minutes, turn them once and return to the oven for another 3 minutes.

Did We Mention Cheesecake?

Even in the Attack Phase of the Dukan Diet, mouthwatering dessert recipes can be found. Be sure to try the pink cheesecake cupcakes that are made with cream cheese, eggs, sour cream, and sweetener, 1 drop of red food coloring and 2 tsp. of vanilla extract.

The Possibilities Are Endless!

You will be surprised at the Dukan Diet recipes that can actually help you loose weight. By following this diet, your urge to binge eat and most of your cravings will subside. You probably never thought that pizza, cheesecake, or even a custard Swiss roll would be considered a diet food. Well, the Dukan Diet book offers these recipes and many more for a healthy lifestyle.

Dukan Diet Ebook

Why The Dukan Diet Book Will Work For You

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The Dukan Diet Book Review

Dr. Pierre Dukan created the Dukan Diet over ten years ago. Since its creation, the system has received enormous fame throughout all of France and many other areas of the world.

Avoiding calorie counting altogether, Dukan’s program focuses mainly around low fat and high protein intake. It is also referred to as the French Protein Diet. The routine works on a series of phases specifically structured to promote weight loss in the body without any vigorous exercise necessary.

There are many ways one can go about learning more about this dieting miracle. Between the Dukan Diet book (available as an E-book or standard literature) and online courses that you can register for right from your home, this routine is now easy for anyone to follow.

Dukan’s System focuses primarily on protein intake. One of the main aspects of the diet involves a daily intake of oat bran. Fat burning is promoted throughout the body by combining oat bran with as much chicken, fish, low-fat beef, or zero-fat dairy alternatives as you desire. Vegetables also come into play during the second phase of the diet, which could last anywhere from a couple months to an entire year. Many vegetables do contain fat, so you will be limited to only certain fat-free vegetables during phase 2.  Meat can be seasoned throughout all of the phases with just about anything that contains zero fat and zero carbohydrates – this could be anything  from spices like oregano or pepper, to stronger flavors such as salt, mustard, vinegar, and so on.

Although exercise is not the main issue addressed in the Dukan Diet book, a brief walk of 20 to 30 minutes at least once a day is included in the routine.

One of the most appealing aspects that tends to draw many people to the Dukan diet book is the ability to eat as much as you want.

Instead of constantly trying to count the carbohydrates in everything you eat, the Dukan Diet simply provides you with a list of all the foods that are available to you. Water intake is a must, while other drinks that contain no sugar or calories, such as diet sodas or teas, are also perfectly fine.

During the later stages of the program, dieters are allowed portions of fruit, bread, cheese, and even a celebration meal that comes once every week. With the celebration meal each week, dieters are able to go out and eat at a restaurant with a loved one or cook for themselves at home without feeling as if they have ruined their diet.

Countless stories and Dukan diet reviews now exist of individuals speaking about how the Dukan Diet worked for them. People have reported losing up to ten pounds in the first seven days by doing no more than the brief 20 minute walk each day. The final phase of the program will essentially bring you back to your regular diet and allow you to alter it using the knowledge you have learned.

Through the Dukan Diet book, online courses, and many other outlets and resources, the French doctor has changed the lives of millions of people across the whole world.

Dukan Diet Ebook

The Dukan Diet Plan

The Dukan Diet Plan is one that can rival any other, and come out the winner. The infamous Dr. Dukan originally had this marvelous diet released in France over a decade ago.

Dieters have found it to be among one of the best and only ways they were able to get a hold on their dieting problems.

This is not an average diet plan that sucks you in, tells you what to do and releases you entirely to do it.

The Dukan Diet PlanDr. Dukan obviously did his homework before he created this remarkable diet plan because his plan continues to stay with the individual dieting through each of the phases in his plan. This diet is built on several phases that are not only packed full of natural methods to weight loss, but include motivational tips and strategies to attack weight loss like a pro.

One of the worst things about many diet plans is they can make a lot of false claims that are simply either not true, or can be very unhealthy for people, that is not the way of the Dukan Diet Plan. This plan is one that is straight shooting and shows individuals how to lose weight the healthy way; it also shows how to implement exercise into weight loss. This system is famous for increasing motivation, and showing individuals how to gain, or regain self-esteem, all in one power packed affordable plan.

When an individual approaches the Dukan Diet plan with an open mind and follows it closely, they are sure to lose up to, and possibly over 20lbs in the first phase, making it a sure bet for anyone needing to lose weight fast and keep it off.

There are many ways to lose weight, and Dr. Dukan has combined only the best foolproof methods in his system. There is a reason why he is famous and celebrities all over the world follow his plan, it is simply because it works and has been proven to do so time and time again. Not many crash diets or regular diet plans can say they have accomplished the miracles in weight loss that this plan does.

One of the biggest mistakes that people seeking to lose weight make is to buy into a plan that is too good to be true and can be an unhealthy approach to proper weight loss. There are many diets that promise you will lose several pounds, but the truth is that an individual will indeed lose some weight, but because of the diet plans approach to weight loss, odds are the weight will come back and could possibly have a few extra pounds attached to it.

Diets that deny the body proper nutrients and those that force pills full of toxins and adverse side effects are not a healthy approach to dieting. In fact, these shady plans can cost an individual their life.  Choosing a plan that uses natural methods of weight loss is the only plan that should be implemented into a dieter’s life. The Dukan Diet menu shows individuals how to eat healthy, implement exercise, drink proper fluids and also how to stay motivated and regain self-esteem.

Individual’s that want to lose weight through proper eating and care for their bodies are on the right path with the Dukan Diet Plan.

One of the best things about this plan is that it stays with dieters the entire time, giving them encouragement, praise and ensures the dieter they are not alone. The plan will be there from day one to the maximum goal is met. This is an asset that not many plans can boast.

To learn how to eat foods that shed pounds and improve overall health, consider the Dukan Diet Plan today. The thousands of individuals that have used this diet plan are enjoying slimmer healthier, happier lives, and so can you.

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