There is a quick and inexpensive way to get started with the very popular Dukan diet program and that is through this condensed version that directly gives you all the essential information you need to know about this weight loss plan. Known as the Dukan Diet Ebook, this version which comes in pdf format for easy reading contains all the details you will need in order to start this diet strategy quickly. For instance, it explains the four phases that make up the program and what goals are to be achieved during each of theses stages. It also provides information as to what foods are allowed, the importance of oat meal, and gives you specific recipes that adhere to the basic rules of the diet plan for each phase.

What Is The Dukan Diet?

Dukan Diet EbookThe Dukan Diet is a weight loss strategy that was first introduced in France more than a decade ago in the year 2000.  It is the brainchild of a French nutritionist, dietician and medical doctor by the name of Pierre Dukan hence the name. The basic principle of this weight reduction program is that the key to shedding off excess weight is protein and that is why the main plan is centered on a high protein intake, low carbohydrate diet.  This is not another Atkins or similiar program, however.  See No-Carb Dukan Diet to find out why.

The program is divided into four stages which has its own unique strategy and goals.  For every stage there are certain foods that are allowed and those that are to be avoided in order that a particular objective can be achieved. Carbohydrates, except for oat bran, is taken out from the diet on the initial stages and then little by little introduced back into the later stages. What makes this diet plan distinct is the fact that you can eat as much as you can as long as the food conforms to what the diet recommends for that particular stage. In addition, this diet does not just show you how to take the weight off, but also how to keep it off for a lifetime.

Why Get The Dukan Diet Ebook

Readers of this blog have requested a way to get started with the Dukan Diet faster, without having to order a book and wait for it to come in and without having to read 100′s of pages.  So, we delivered.  With the Dukan Diet ebook, you get everything you need to start the Dukan Diet today.  Right now.  

The good thing about this more concise version is that it is cost effective without sacrificing the information you need. It is sent to your email immediately, saving you time.  Another benefit, which alone makes this purchase worthwhile,  is the Delectable Dukan Diet recipes that you will receive weekly.  These recipes conform to the principles of the Dukan Diet plan and are a great way to keep you on track.

You may be thinking that this condensed version will only give you an overview that you can get somewhere else on the internet. However, this ebook contains a much more detailed explanation of the various stages and the meal plans that comes along with it. There is information that you won’t get anywhere unless you buy the main book itself. In addition to that, the recipes that come along with it and the ones which will be further sent weekly when you purchase the ebook are original and delicious.  Trust us, we tested them!  Yummy.

The Dukan Diet is very famous these days and is said to be the diet strategy of choice for celebrities from Hollywood to famous royalties like Princess Kate. There is no wonder why there is so much interest about it today. Although it was long been known in France, it is relatively new in the United Kingdom and United States. So if you are looking for a new and more effective strategy in addressing your weight problem, this could be just what you need. The Dukan Diet Ebook can help you in deciding if this strategy is for you.

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