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What Is The Dukan Diet Plan All About?

With its current popularity, there are many people who are asking, what is the Dukan diet plan really all about? Is it simply just another over hyped fad diet or is it something more?  Here we will discuss the basic ideas behind the Dukan diet including the four stages, the various foods allowed, and other rules and guidelines that make this diet program a success.

Contrary to the concept of being a fad, the Dukan Diet is actually not new but rather a diet program that has been popular in France for more than a decade. It was developed and created by the French doctor, Dr. Pierre Dukan. Dr. Dukan believes that the key to a successful weight loss program is protein, as well as a stabilization stage that will allow the dieter to maintain his weight after successfully undergoing the program.

However, this diet is more than just another no-carb fad. It is a program which is carefully implemented in four phases: the Attack stage, Cruise stage, the Consolidation stage, and the Stabilization stage. The clear distinction of this diet with the others is the fact that it is not only a method to lose weight but rather a clear strategy to maintain the weight loss from now on. This way, you can be assured that your efforts in shedding those pounds are not in vain. Another distinguishing factor of the Dukan diet is the fact that you can eat as much as you can as long as the food is among those permitted in a particular stage or phase.

What Is The Dukan Diet Plan

The Dukan diet actually does away with carbohydrates at the onset with the exception of oat bran which is consumed in a measured amount. Since carbohydrates supply energy, this strategy will replace that energy with fat from your body. This is why the diet is sometimes referred to as the ‘No Carb Dukan Diet,’ but his is a misnomer.  In the latter stages, carbohydrates are introduced little by little.  Let’s discuss these stages in detail.

  1. Dukan Diet Attack Stage – The main goal in this initial stage is to immediately start the weight loss process. That is why one will be subjected to a diet of high protein, oat bran, and plenty of water. In this phase carbohydrates, except for oat bran, is completely left out of the diet. You are allowed to eat from a list of 72 protein rich foods. Foods allowed include lean beef, veal, chicken, turkey, lean ham, fish, seafood, eggs, fat-free natural and flavored cottage cheese, and skimmed milk. This stage is only required to last from 2-7 days, depending on your personal conditions.
  2. Cruise Stage – The main strategy after you have completed the first stage is to gradually reach your ‘True weight.’ The high protein intake is maintained while several selected vegetables are added to the diet. Vegetables that are added include tomatoes, cucumber, radish, spinach, asparagus, leeks, green beans, and carrots on some occasions. However potatoes, peas, sweet corn and fruits that are rich in carbohydrates are still not allowed. There are also days that you are allowed to eat only protein.
  3. Consolidation Stage – The main goal in this third stage is to maintain what has been achieved during the second phase. In small and determined amounts, carbohydrates are gradually introduced back in to the diet, including brown rice, potatoes, and whole meal bread.  Lean lamb and pork are now allowed but also on a strictly determined amount. More types of vegetable and fruits such as apple, melon, and berries are now allowed as well. A “celebration day” is allowed once every week where you are allowed to eat a meal with a starter, main course, and a dessert.
  4. Stabilization Stage – The main goal of this phase is to ensure that the weight that has been lost stays off.  The rules are simple.  Eat anything you like but you must continue to eat 3 tablespoons of oat bran per day, take the stairs as often as you can, walk 20 minutes a day and have a pure protein attack day one day a week, usually Thursdays.

Some will think negatively on this diet because of its initial no-carb rules.  However, millions of people, including celebrities have had great success with this diet.  Can it work for you?  Yes, of course, as long as you stay motivated and follow the rules.

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